Can For Sale by Owners list in the MLS?

Yes, for sale by owners can list directly in the MLS using a flat fee MLS listing service. Flat rate MLS is cost effective, easy to do and gives the by owner 100% control over the selling process.

Many for sale by owners don't know they list directly in the MLS because the MLS wasn't open to ‘by owners’ until the mid-1990's. Now, flat fee MLS listings represent over 3% on the market and are growing in popularity by the day

Once one by owner sells using flat rate MLS, the word spreads. Listing by owner in the MLS saves the seller anywhere from paying zero in real estate commissions to paying the buyer's agent possibly 2% or 3%.

Besides the commission savings, there are other benefits as well such as control. Unlike a full-service listing where the listing agent's action or lack of action controls your homes sale, with flat fee MLS, the seller decides on the listing price, the offered buyer's agent commission and even whether they want to be represented by the listing flat fee MLS broker or be ‘self-represented’.

The ADDvantage® Real Estate Network flat fee MLS listings come with a feature called a ‘seller's control panel’. Here, the by owner simply clicks and changes are made to the account almost in real time.

Many for sale by owners are ‘control’ oriented people. They want to make their own decisions about how their home is marketed and handled. When listed with a reliable flat fee MLS listing service, the seller literally control very aspect of the selling process, even the scheduling of open houses and printing property brochures.