Flat Fee MLS Listing with ADDvantage® is the best way to sell a home

The Internet has leveled the playing field so By Owners can compete for buyers in the MLS using a flat fee MLS listing. The reason the Internet has become the equalizer is due to the fact that 86% of all buyers initiate their search for a home online and a flat fee MLS listing service such as ADDvantage® can outperform a traditional Realtor with our powerful Internet marketing.

Just like every business, there are the good ones, the bad ones, and the exceptional ones. When it comes to flat fee MLS listing services, ADDvantage® is an exceptional value. Unlike many flat fee MLS listing services that want to offer less service, ADDvantage® actually offers more service than a full-service Realtor. Many homeowners that use or have used a full-service Realtor would scoff at that remark because most sellers are not satisfied with the level of services received from their full-service 6% Realtor. At ADDvantage®, our clients know us as a discount real estate company that offers great service.

We are the only flat fee MLS listing service in Florida that offers dependable 9am-9pm daily live phone support. We have built our reputation around this principle of being always available to our clients, Realtors, and buyers.

Our efforts to be the best flat fee MLS listing service has paid off. We are now recognized in Florida as the number one discount real estate broker.