For Sale by Owners find more success when they add a Flat Fee MLS listing to their marketing plan

Have you ever seen a ‘for sale by owner’ sign in a yard with the caption ‘will cooperate with brokers’? This means that the seller will pay an agent a commission if they bring a buyer. What this also means is the For Sale by Owner seller is actually doing the same thing as a flat fee MLS listing by only offering a ‘buyers agents a commission’ but only on a very small scale. Instead of reaching all the Realtors within their city using the MLS, they are only appealing to the Realtors that happen to see their For Sale by Owner yard sign.

For sale by owners will find more success selling if they partner with a reliable flat fee MLS listing service such as ADDvantage®. Paying just (Program not currently available), by owners can transform into a ‘for sale by owner with MLS’ listing and garner the attention of all the local Realtors and ultimately achieve a higher sales price for the home. And, with flat fee MLS, the For Sale by Owner seller pays only the buyer's agent a commission which is typically set at 3%.

Just like any thing that is for sale, the more bidders, the higher the price might go. Flat fee MLS has revolutionized the for sale by owner landscape because a flat rate MLS listing adds the local Realtors via the MLS,, and many more important websites such as MSN, AOL, and of course,

There was a time that for sale by owners could simply place a yard sign and find a buyer in a matter of days. The real estate market has changed and Realtors control 86% of all home sales. Flat fee MLS listings bridge the gap between for sale by owner and the Realtors.