What can For Sale By Owner sellers do to get more marketing?

There are 3 components for marketing a for sale by owner home.

First, get the word out on the websites such as homes.com, Craigsist, Yahoo, AOL, bargainnetwork, and if possible, Realtor.com.

Being listed on just a ‘for sale by owner’ website excludes 99% of all Internet traffic because the biggest website in the world for home searches conducted by buyers is Realtor.com and they have an estimated 7% share of the entire Internet traffic looking for homes.

If you group together other prolific websites such as Homes.com, AOL. Yahoo, Bing, Bargainnetrwork, GetMoreOffers.com, and Harmonhomes, these other sites may hold another 25% of the available buyers searching for homes.

My suggestion is to broaden your for sale by owner Internet marketing plan to include as many sites as possible that offer real estate search features. One way to do this is to list your for sale by owner home with a by owner MLS listing service.

Another way to get more attention for your for sale by owner home is to list it in the MLS as a flat fee MLS listing. This will get all the local Realtors seeing your property every time they do a property search for buyers that matches your homes features. ADDvantage® is a by owner MLS listing service and will get your home listed on all these sites and 100's more.

Being that 86% of all homes are sold through Realtors, it would be smart to tap into this valuable resource.

Holding an open house is another way to get more exposure. Whether it's on a weekday or a weekend, an open house is an effective marketing strategy because buyers are shopping. If a Realtor on a weekday passes an open house in a neighborhood that their buyer is searching in, they will likely stop by your home.

Have brochures printed and ready to go!