Flat Fee MLS Provider, ADDvantage®, offers 9AM-9PM Live Phone Support

You could list a home with the cheapest flat fee MLS company on the web but that might not be in the best interest of selling your property. You deserve and need to be listed flat fee with the best flat fee MLS listing broker–one who makes your flat fee MLS listing experience one to remember based on positive results! Doing business with The ADDvantage® Real Estate Network is always professional, fast, and we are available…try calling us right now (417-881-5656)…we're here!

Listing Flat Fee MLS is relatively easy for most By Owner sellers. However, finding an MLS company that will actually help get you more showings can be an arduous task. By Owners — Many flat fee MLS companies don't tell you this but they have no method of tracking Realtor® showings or lack the necessary phone ethic to handle calls that come in to their flat fee MLS service.

Often, agents and buyers call the listing company for more information about your flat fee MLS listing. When they do, you can be sure that every buyer and Realtor® request will be handled professionally. Leads are never mishandled as they often are with other flat fee MLS companies. We make sure of it. From 9:00am to 9:00pm we answer the phone “live” with no hold cues, insuring the very best customer service and attention to buyers and Realtors® who call requesting showing instructions or additional information about a flat fee MLS listed property.