How to Sell a Sinkhole Home in Pasco County

The best way to sell a sinkhole home is to explore your options with someone who is an expert in buying and repairing sinkhole homes. Our company has an investor who does just that – throughout all of Florida and especially more locally in Pasco County.

A good starting point to understanding what a sinkhole is would be to view an Engineering and Stabilization Report on a Home That has a Reported Sinkhole.

To sell a sinkhole home, one typically makes a claim with their insurance company or has already done so, and then either repairs the home and remains in the home or chooses to sell the home at a discount to an investor who then repairs the home and resells it at a profit.

If you would to explore selling the home before or after the claim to our investor, please call Keith Gordon 727-942-2929 and I will arrange a meeting for you.