Flat fee MLS listing saves Builders 50% in commissions to list lots and homes. Our bulk pricing makes listing in the MLS cheap & effective.


Listing in the MLS with ADDvantage® Real Estate Network Harnesses the Power of the Internet

Building homes is one thing, marketing to the Realtors® and having a strong Internet presence is entirely a different animal. Builders that list “in-house” with their designated agent/broker are missing out on 2 very important marketing resources that the ADDvantage® Real Estate Network can offer. …continue article

The Most Trusted Flat Fee MLS Listing Network…ADDvantage®

Listing in the MLS draws buyers from all over the United States and the world. The more listings you have with the ADDvantage® Real Estate Network, the more chances you have of creating a “showing” with a Realtor® or a buyer.

Once you list your inventory of homes or vacant lots in the MLS, your MLS listing will be viewable to buyers throughout the United States on Realtor.com and to international buyers through World Properties.

The ADDvantage® Real Estate Network reaches into small and large cities as well – from Florida to Missouri and back to North Carolina. Our Network of agents and brokers ensures your listing will be found by top search engines Google, MSN, Yahoo, and so on.

The ADDvantage® Real Estate Network is the most trusted name in flat fee MLS because we provide our builder clients with the most advanced MLS listing software available to make sure your real estate marketing is effective and free of hassles. You have our 100% customer satisfaction commitment.

The ADDvantage® Real Estate Network…we offer more flat fee MLS listing options, better service and are always looking for more ways to reach just one more buyer!

Builder Flat Fee MLS Listing Packages

Basic Builders Flat Fee MLS Listing…Basic Builder's

QuantityIndividual PriceTotalBasic Builder's
Single ListingNot Available*Not Available*BUY
5 package$220$1,100BUY
10 package$200$2,000BUY
20 package$180$3,600BUY
50 package$170$8,500BUY
100 package$160$16,000BUY
*After purchasing a multi-listing package, single listings can be added for the discounted price of $220

Builder's Vacant Lot MLS Listing

QuantityIndividual PriceTotalBuilder's Vacant Lot
Single Listing$199*$199*BUY
5 package$189$945BUY
10 package$179$1,790BUY
20 package$169$3,380BUY
50 package$149$7,450BUY
100 package$129$12,900BUY
*After purchasing a multi-listing package, single listings can be added for the discounted price of $190

Make Friends with “All” the Realtors®

When builders choose one real estate agency to list with, often, other well-qualified Realtors® feel a bit slighted. Make them all happy and list in the MLS with a neutral third party…YOURSELF! At our low prices, list all your homes and vacant lots flat fee in the MLS with the ADDvantage® Real Estate Network. Keep 100% control over all your MLS listings using our Builders Control Panel and save $10,000 or so in commission for each property you list. When you list flat fee with the ADDvantage® Real Estate Network there is never a listing commission.

Make Changes to your MLS Listing 24/7 with your own Builder's Control Panel

Listing with a full-service agent is like taking slow cruise to Europe. Listing flat fee MLS through the ADDvantage® Real Estate Network is the fastest and most professional way to list in the MLS flat fee while maintaining 100% control over your own MLS listings. Our Builder's Control Panel simplifies edits to your listings so changing price, commission, pictures, or your advertising message is just a click away! No calls, no faxes, no emails…Just click the desired edit and the change is made the same day.

Your homes will be Listed in the MLS and in 100's more By Owner Sites

The Internet is where 86% of people search for homes. The ADDvantage® Real Estate Network will list your homes and lots in all the popular real estate websites and 100's of local Realtor® websites.

All Builder MLS Listings Include:

  • List Until You Sell listing in your Local MLS
  • List Until You Sell listing in Realtor.com
  • List Until You Sell listing in Homes.com - Premium ad
  • List Until You Sell listing in World Properties International
  • Advertising on all major internet portals and search engines«
  • State-of-the-art listing software - View Builder Control Panel«
  • No hidden fees - Cancel anytime
  • 25 Digital Photos - easy upload
  • Renewals are 15% off
  • LIVE friendly phone support…9AM to 9PM - 7 days/week.
  • Available listings remain in queue until ready for use«
  • Price and commission changes are always free!
  • All other changes - One free round every 30 day cycle - Additional changes Not Available per round
  • Choose commission to offer Realtors; 1-10%
  • Virtual tours, Lockboxes, Sign Packages (Available at checkout)
A Premium Homes.com listing is included with many of our MLS flat fee and FSBO programs Our flat fee MLS listings are displayed on Realtor.com